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  • Enrolled members of Federally recognized Tribes or Canadian First Nations;

  • Who are charged within our service area in Minnesota District Courts with criminal or juvenile offenses;

  • Or who are seeking expungement of previous convictions in Minnesota District Courts.  

  • Whose household income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, or whose household receives means-tested benefits, or whose household otherwise demonstrates an actual inability to afford to hire an attorney.

Please note we are unable to take every case and we do not assist in civil matters, only criminal matters.

RNPDC Application

Fill out the online form below or print and mail the application here.

I need legal help with:

By clicking "Submit" below, I hereby apply for legal services from Regional Native Public Defense Corporation. I understand that RNPDC will consider my application and decide whether they can provide me with assistance in accordance with their rules and policies.

Thanks for submitting!

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