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Legal Services

Restoring Justice: Regional Native Public Defense 

Regional Native Public Defense Corporation serves Indigenous clients  through a reimagined, holistic approach to criminal defense.  That includes a range of services intended to generate full restoration in a client’s life.

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Representing You

We serve over 1300 individuals annually with a low-barrier approach to legal representation which uses a client-centered advocacy approach to ensure all individuals are empowered with choice, access, and diligent representation throughout their legal case. 


We offer criminal defense services, including:

  • Investigative Services

  • Treaty Rights Defense

  • Legal Counsel & Consultations

  • Chemical Health Service Arrangement

  • Independent Legal Representation in Court

  • Attorney Presence During Law Enforcement Interviews

  • Others as Needed


*We provide these services to enrolled members of Federally recognized Tribes or Canadian First Nations who are being charged in Minnesota District Courts with criminal or juvenile offenses.


Repairing Your Past

Even after dedicating oneself to healing relationships, abiding by the law, and forging a new path, the weight of past mistakes can obstruct the journey to a brighter future. Reclaiming your narrative and opening doors to fresh opportunities is integral to our concept of restoration.

In Native American communities, we understand the profound significance of honoring one's journey and providing pathways to redemption. Expungement is the process of shielding certain criminal records from public scrutiny. However, eligibility for expungement hinges upon specific criteria, both in the individual seeking redemption and the nature of the record itself.

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Rebuilding Your Life

Relationships and community building are the core of our organizations’ practices. Our approach adapts and responds to provide a holistic approach to restoration and healing. Because our vision is for restorative justice that places our clients on the path to an empowered, thriving life in the community, we have built a network of support through other non-profit organizations and public service agencies. 


We work with individuals and families as part of the community to create change not only for our clients as individuals, but in the system as a whole.  

To qualify for services, members must adhere to one of the following financial stipulations.

  • Have a household income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level

  • Have a household that receives means-tested benefits 

  • Have a household that otherwise demonstrates an actual inability to afford to hire an attorney

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